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Episode Choose Your Story Free Passes

Episode Choose Your Story is a story you need to play through different stories, as you go farther playing the game make different choices. You are able to customize your character inside the game, from dressing up your character to dressing up your best friend's character and yet the sex of your character that's modern concept in the sport.

In the game you'll come across new interactions like friends and you are able to run into new love affair. But it is up to you personally to determine whether the possible romance can develop into love or not. You can run into adventure and mysteries and you will need to survive through the story as best as you can. You can dress your character as how you want.

In every story you have to make your personal selections according to the situation of the match. The choice you make inside the game may differ from selecting different avenues to go from what you say to a character, or what costume to wear to particular event. Selections within the game can cause you to earn love points, camaraderie, celebrity. These points could be earned through the choices that you make when you play the game. The storyline in the sport cans affect.

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